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  • Sunstone Cigar Band

  • Ethiopian opal earrings

  • Intentional Ruby Ring

    The Process

    1. Materials selection for this beautiful ruby
    2. Creating the ring
    3. Preparing to bezel set the ruby
  • Glowing Emerald with 18k Gold

  • Mourning Pendant

    “Sprouts was my first dog and my little shadow for 16 years. She was with me for several major milestones: graduating college, defending my thesis for my Master’s degree, meeting my husband, and our wedding day. Sprouts was known for her strong opinions and her bunny-soft fur that repelled water like a little goose. I miss her every day.
    My husband surprised me with this mourning pendant for my birthday and it is the most special gift. Chelsea took such care to create a stunning way for me to keep Sprouts with me- each detail is thoughtful and lovely. It’s a timeless piece that I will carry with me for the rest of my days.” 

    Flip the pendant over to see each side.

    On the hollow formed gold side, 5 garnets are bezel set on the gold side of the pendant.

    The fur is contained inside the hollow formed gold.

    A clear quartz is bezel set, locking in and magnifying the fur.

    The pendant spins freely on a pin and tube that is riveted inside the pendant.

    1 garnet is set in the top of the spinning tube.

  • Vedic Astrological Emerald Ring

  • Dreamy Emerald

  • Ring Set Re-make

    The original ring.

    Taking apart the ring to remove the small diamonds.

    Melting gold, rolling out wire.

    The new ring set

    A low profile, minimalist engagement ring with two narrow wedding bands.

  • Sapphire Minimalist

  • Ivorian Baulé Rings

    Collaboration on design

    We worked together from a drawing made from the memory of the original, lost ring to create this new version of a well loved, meaningful piece.

  • One-of-a-kind Sapphire