Diamond Wedding Set Redesign

The center stone was set in a more modern lower profile setting, with 6 diamonds on each side of the center stone.

The wedding bands that sit on each side of the engagement ring are a little thinner than the center band giving a nice minimal look.

Before & Process

The original ring set was was a beautiful set of three minimal rings. These 3 rings were turned into 1 ring that left the ring looking bulky and not the way the owner had hoped the ring would look.

Photos 1 & 2 – The engagement ring and wedding bands are soldered together with metal covering the seams between the original 3 rings, and covering the channel set diamonds.

Photo 3 – I’ve pried away some of the metal that connected the 3 rings.

Photo 4 – The metal that covered the diamonds is removed and you can see the seams between the original wedding bands and engagement ring. This original look was the inspiration for the new redesign with a lower profile center stone setting.

Photo 5 & 6 – The disassembled rings are melted down into 1 gold ingot. That ingot was then worked into different forms to become the redesigned ring above.