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  • Locking hinge cuff

  • Intentional Ruby Ring

    The Process

    1. Materials selection for this beautiful ruby
    2. Creating the ring
    3. Preparing to bezel set the ruby
  • Glowing Emerald with 18k Gold

  • Mourning Pendant

    “Sprouts was my first dog and my little shadow for 16 years. She was with me for several major milestones: graduating college, defending my thesis for my Master’s degree, meeting my husband, and our wedding day. Sprouts was known for her strong opinions and her bunny-soft fur that repelled water like a little goose. I miss her every day.
    My husband surprised me with this mourning pendant for my birthday and it is the most special gift. Chelsea took such care to create a stunning way for me to keep Sprouts with me- each detail is thoughtful and lovely. It’s a timeless piece that I will carry with me for the rest of my days.” 

    Flip the pendant over to see each side.

    On the hollow formed gold side, 5 garnets are bezel set on the gold side of the pendant.

    The fur is contained inside the hollow formed gold.

    A clear quartz is bezel set, locking in and magnifying the fur.

    The pendant spins freely on a pin and tube that is riveted inside the pendant.

    1 garnet is set in the top of the spinning tube.

  • Vedic Astrological Emerald Ring

  • Sapphire Minimalist

  • Dreamy Emerald

  • Ring Set Re-make

    The original ring.

    Taking apart the ring to remove the small diamonds.

    Melting gold, rolling out wire.

    The new ring set

    A low profile, minimalist engagement ring with two narrow wedding bands.

  • Re-imagined Heirloom

    Simplifying Style

    Sometimes an heirloom doesn’t fit your style – designing a new ring can allow you to honor that heirloom stone in a ring you love and want to wear every day.

    This re-imagined heirloom ring fits the style of its owner – its minimal, low profile, allows her to wear it comfortably while working with her hands.

  • Ivorian Baulé Rings

    Collaboration on design

    We worked together from a drawing made from the memory of the original, lost ring to create this new version of a well loved, meaningful piece.

  • Mother’s Ring

    Black and Gold: Creating Contrast with Oxidation

    The bi-metal is a thin layer of 22k yellow gold bonded on sterling silver. The names and design were laser cut through that layer of gold, exposing the sterling silver.

    This allows the liver of sulphur to oxidize the exposed sterling silver to color in the design a deep charcoal, almost black color.

  • One-of-a-kind Sapphire